My services are designed to support working moms and moms-to-be through the postpartum period and beyond. Because each stage brings rapid change and unique considerations, my sessions are designed to specifically meet the needs of working moms at various touch points. All services are designed to be a one-time, 90 min session followed with 30 days of email support and supplemental materials. For less than a trip to Target you can learn new skills for how to prioritize your needs while simultaneously taking care of your family and pursing your career. Whether you are pregnant, have a newborn, or are deep back into trying to balancing work and family life - I have a service designed for you.

Which stage of motherhood are you in?



Postpartum planning session

Whether you are a first or third time mom each pregnancy and postpartum period is unique and requires intentional thought to foster a thriving fourth trimester. In this one-time, 90 minute session* we will have a proactive conversation about how to set yourself up for a successful postpartum experience.

You will walk away with:

  • A three month plan for your postpartum recovery including how to properly heal, how to nourish your body, where to ask/receive support based on your personal values and situation.

  • A clear idea of what you want your initial days home with baby to look like. Who will you allow to visit? How can you be best supported?

  • Thinking through newborn sleeping and eating logistics for baby’s first weeks at home. We will discuss the pros and cons of all these choice and find a solution that works best for your family.

  • Education on postpartum best practices around the world and how to realistically apply them in your life.

  • If this is not your first baby, we will discuss how to prepare your older children for the new arrival.

    *your 90 minute session will be held online via Zoom.




Returning to work planning session

Are you currently postpartum and worried about returning to work after your maternity leave? Do you have doubts about your childcare options and how you will balance work and home? Are you concerned if you have thought through all the logistics around pumping and bottle feeding while away from your little one? 

If so, this session is for you. In this one-time 90 minute session* we will have a candid conversation to set yourself up for success before returning to work after maternity leave. 

You will walk away with:

  • An individualized and concrete plan on how to set yourself up for success as you return to work. This will include success with both your childcare provider and also your employer.

  • Expectations and boundaries to establish with your employer before you return, with specific language to use for how to advocate for your needs as a postpartum mother back at work. 

  • A plan for feeding your baby and how to set you and your baby up for success (whether you are breastfeeding/pumping/formula/bottle feeding or a combination.

  • How to best communicate with your childcare provider to advocate for you and your baby's needs. 

  • Unlimited email support for 30 days after your session as you put your plan into action and return to work. 

*your 90 minute session will be held online via Zoom.




Balancing Session for working moms

Are you a busy mama who is working and/or pursing a career in addition to your other full-time job of motherhood? Do you feel stretched thin and like you are coming up short in all parts of life? Has self-care dropped to the bottom of your priority list? 

If so, this balancing session is for you. In this one-time, 90 minute session* we will have an honest conversation about what is working and what is out of balance in your life as a working mother*. 

You will walk away with:

  • Tangible and practical action steps to creating equilibrium in your life.

  • A new perspective on what balance feels like during your season of motherhood.

  • How to overcome the guilt that is commonly felt amongst working moms.

  • Reflection prompts to be used in journaling or meditation that will take help you see how to balance doing and being in all aspects of your life.

  • Ideas about where you could use more support and how to accept the support you receive.

  • Unlimited email support for 30 days after your session as you apply the principals to your daily life. 

*your 90 minute session will be held online via Zoom.