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1:1 Coaching for working moms and moms-to-be

With over 10 years of coaching experience and a Masters degree in Counseling I bring my training, background, and heart into working with working mothers through the postpartum period and beyond. I specialize in:

  • Postpartum planning and how to have a thriving fourth trimester.

  • Helping postpartum mothers plan for their return to work after maternity leave.

  • Balancing sessions for working mothers who are feeling pulled in too many directions and are exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched too thin.

Postpartum doula support

Beginning in Fall of 2019 I will be offering in-person postpartum doula support for expat families based in France. Stay tuned for more details!



I offer workshops both in person and online on the topics of postpartum and the working mother. Workshop topics include:

  • Mom guilt is a dirty word

  • Making the most of your maternity leave

  • Thriving in your fourth trimester

  • Redefining work/life balance


Are you a working mom or mom-to-be?

HI, I'm Kelly. And I am passionate about educating and supporting working mothers through postpartum and beyond.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, 9-5er, part-timer, or thinking about a career shift – if you are working mama, you are balancing a lot and have unique considerations to keep in mind when welcoming a new baby.

Whether it is your first or third baby, your schedule and support system will need to be reevaluated with the birth of a new child.

As a postpartum mom your body will experience physiological shifts that are normal, yet challenging. Learning how to nourish your healing body nutritionally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually after the birth of a child will have a lasting impact beyond postpartum. Imagine returning to work feeling nourished, supported, and inspired? How would this benefit your career and home life? Getting educated on what you can expect and how to set yourself up for success is key to a thriving fourth trimester and return to the working world.

You were not meant to experience postpartum alone. Let us work together to get empowered and knowledgeable about how to move through this important phase and celebrate the new you.