Should I hire a mom coach?


Hi, friends!

Curious to learn more about what you can expect from working with me and why an investment in yourself is worthwhile? Below is a brief overview of how I can help.

Will hiring a coach benefit me?

Do you…

  • Feel overwhelmed and anxious but not sure why?

  • Frequently experience mom guilt?

  • Compare your life to others?

  • Chase happiness through material gain?

  • Numb your feelings with scrolling, wine, gossip, shopping, or cleaning?

  • Question if you’re a good mom?

  • Agonize over parenting decisions long after they’ve been made?

  • Feel disconnected from your partner, children, or friends? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from mom coaching.  

What can I expect from coaching?

Sessions will be held from the comfort of your home over phone or video. You will begin by sharing the story of your life and by describing some of your pain points. My goal as your coach is to listen and deeply understand you as a mother and woman. To hear where you feel pain, frustration, anger, or sadness in your life.

I approach coaching through a solutions-oriented perspective. I will hear you and see you – AND we will discuss immediate and long-term solutions to alleviate your pain points. The goal is to not only to feel better but to see evidence of your wellbeing improve in your day-to-day life. You will implement realistic and achievable action steps that fit into the life of a busy mom. I know this can be possible because I’m a busy mom like you.  

How do we get started? 

We’ll start with a 30 minute free consultation so I can better understand your specific pain points and goals for coaching. Together we will decide if working together is a good fit.

To learn more about my 3 month coaching session click here.

To schedule your free 30 minute discovery call, click here.

Kelly Brusch