Life in France: Where I have been and what is next.


Hi Friends! 

I am returning from a brief hiatus from social media and I would like to share what the past two months have been like for our family as we all adapt to living in France.

Adjusting to life in a new country has been all consuming! Between finding a permanent home, school and childcare for my girls, transportation, paperwork for residency, making new friends, and how to simply feed my family without the American conveniences of takeout, fast food, and DoorDash – there has not been much time or energy left over. “Work-Life Balance” has taken on a whole new meaning, especially since it was a surprise to me how long it took to find childcare for my youngest.  

I have a love hate relationship with Instagram – on one hand I can share resources for moms and connect with amazing women online. On the other hand the pressure to post clever and consistent content is not my favorite part of my business. What I love, more than anything, is genuinely connecting with moms and having authentic conversations about motherhood. I feel fortunate to have these conversations both via video call and in-person with some amazing moms I have met over here in France. Connecting one-to-one (whether online or in-person) is where I thrive, and where I know I make the most impact.

When I have had room to work on Mamaste I have been 100% focused on my current clients first and foremost, while also reflecting and daydreaming on how I can better serve mothers moving forward. 

I have some exciting ideas in the works and I look forward to sharing a new coaching program I am developing, specifically for working moms. It is still in beta-mode as I refine how to best support career mamas. If you are a working mom I would love to hear from you – what are some of your biggest challenges and where could you use more support? 

Send me a DM on Instagram with your thoughts or email me a

I look forward to “showing up” more often here online but truly, the best way to stay connected is to email me or set up a call.

I’m sending love and light to all the mamas out there! 



Kelly Brusch