Why we said YES to moving our family of four to France


When my husband first told me about a potential job offer in Western France my wanderlust heart began dreaming of baguettes, cheese, wine, and the quaint landscape of what I imagined to be the French countryside. But truthfully, I knew the reality of it would be much different.

  • We do not speak French.

  • We have two small children who will be 5 and 2 soon and no family or community to lean on.

  • Our ability to lock down childcare so I can focus on my business is unclear.

  • My husband’s salary will not be very high, even if we could afford a monthly budget would we have enough to actually embrace all that Europe has to offer?

  • I just started my business, Mamaste, what will happen to it?

  • We will miss our family dearly along with other important milestones like sending our oldest to her first day of kindergarten.


In fact, when George was first told about the potential job he did not reply to the email for 2 months! It felt like a stretch and we were not ready to say yes. But we also did not want to say no.


We had been living in Arizona for over 4 years as George worked on his Ph.D. in Biology. We knew that when he was done a move was in our future but could not imagine picking up and going abroad. Sure, we LOVE to travel and have done quite a bit of it over the years – but to actually MOVE with two young girls? Well, that seemed liked a stretch.


But alas, we began to fantasize about the opportunities this experience could provide all the while being careful not to over romanticize it.

  • We would learn French and our girls were at the PERFECT age to acquire a second language.

  • We would experience a slower pace of life and continue to practice the art of slowing down and living in the moment (one of the biggest draws, in my opinion).

  • The food situation in France is pretty special, aside from being DELICIOUS, their food production standards far surpass America’s and we will have a chance to work on our gut health without needing to spend a fortune at places like Whole Foods.

  • We will meet new friends and professional connections that could open doors we could never imagine.

  • The ability to travel cheaply around Europe and experience new cultures.

  • George will expand his resume and work on a scientific project he is really excited about.

  • I have been slightly obsessed with the French parenting style since reading Bringing Up Bébé a few years ago, I could go observe it first hand to see if it holds up and report back to American mothers.

  • Giving our friends and family an excuse to come over to France!


After months of thinking it over we decided to say “YES”. The opportunities far out weighed the doubts. We decided to take a leap of faith that the universe delivered this to us for a reason.


Moving forward I intend to share openly and authentically about the wonders and challenges of moving a family abroad. I will study the French culture as it relates to parenting and motherhood and report back here.


But first, I must get back to packing up our 2800 square foot house into a 10X10 storage unit and somehow squeeze a year or two of clothes for a family of four into 6 suitcases. Wish me luck!


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Kelly Brusch