New Year's Resolutions That Stick


As we gear up for the beginning of 2019 many of us engage in the cultural ritual of setting a New Year’s resolution. And most of us also know what it feels like to set a resolution with the best of intentions for it to only fall by the wayside come March.  But why do they fail?


I spent years setting resolutions that never stuck. To loose 10 pounds, save money, learn a new language, join a book club…you name it. Each January I set the intention to be a new woman and used this time of year as motivation to start fresh. Yet year after year the goals rarely stuck. Leaving me feeling bad about myself. Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until I began to approach goal setting from a new perspective that I realized I was missing the most critical step to success.


Goal setting, in general, is a healthy and wonderful process but setting a goal is often the middle step to changing your life. Far too many people skip the beginning steps of deep reflection that is required to set a realistic goal that is aligned with your season of life. A successful resolution is a three step process:

  1. Deep reflection and connecting with your intuition

  2. Goal setting from a place of alignment with your true self

  3. Taking action


This is why I designed a coaching program that walks you through the most important step to making a real change in your life: Step 1. Reducing stress and introducing self-care to make space for deep reflection. It is only with space and time that you can listen to your intuition and ultimately set goals from that place.

Because goal setting does not work when you are setting goals that you think you “should” want. Or when they are made from a place of desperation. A true goal, or resolution, is made from the deepest part of you. And the only way to connect with the deepest part of you is to slow down and make space to check-in with your intuition. When this happens, that is when a goal can turn into a permanent lifestyle or habit.


Check out my three month coaching program for all the details on how I can work with you to uncover your true goals, intention, and ultimately your purpose for this season of life. I believe 2019 will be your best year yet if you are ready to dive deep and commit to the process of reconnecting with your intuition and true self.

Kelly Brusch