my story

When I was nine months postpartum with my second baby I realized something was not right. The woman looking at me in the mirror was unrecognizable. She had tired eyes and carried some extra baby weight – but it was more than that. I had become a shell of a woman who had given myself over to everyone and everything – in the name of motherhood and “adulting”.


From an outsider perspective I had it all: a great husband, two darling children, a big house in a metropolitan suburb, a flexible full-time job that was fulfilling, great relationships with my family, lots of friends, and a dog and cat to boot. I practiced “self-care” by scheduling massages, date nights, wine nights, and netflix binges. I exercised regularly and ate well enough. My life was a completed checkbox of everything I thought I needed to be happy.

So why, during brief moments of quiet, was I anxious and depressed? Why were my evenings full of numbing behaviors? Why was I always so overwhelmed and tired? Why did I criticize everyone around me?

I began a journey to reconnect with my essence.  To explore the woman I had always been but cast aside once the demands of motherhood were added to my already ambitious life-plate.

I hired a life coach, practiced meditation, read spiritual books, wrote in my journal, changed my diet, and got serious about yoga. I became more comfortable asking for help and establishing boundaries. And because self-care became a nonnegotiable in my daily routine, I began to feel like myself again. Which led me back to a deep connection with my soul, some major life changes, and a profound realization that I was set up to fail. We all are. 


It was not my fault my energy reserves were depleted.

It was not my fault I felt disconnected from my children and husband.

It was not my fault I felt like a zombie looking in on what should be a “perfect” life.

Sure, I could have made some better choices but the truth is that our culture does not know how to support or empower new mothers. We are fed messages of love and celebration when we are pregnant, then it is like we are chopped liver once the baby is born. A mother’s needs must fade into the background as she is expected to give over everything to her children, family, and career – all the while looking thin, gorgeous, and smiling.

As I began to study the emotional, physical, and physiological shifts that occur during the postpartum period it became abundantly obvious that, as it stands in mainstream America, we are NOT educating mothers and families how to help a woman heal properly after birth.

The wisdom and rituals to support new moms is a rite of passage. In many cultures around the world mothers are celebrated, nurtured, and expected to do nothing more than rest and take care of their baby (see my blog post: What every postpartum American mom needs to know).  


The first 40 days after birth is a unique and powerful window of opportunity to help a mother regain her strength and spirit. Easing her into motherhood with confidence and grace.  

This is why I shifted my career and decided to apply my counseling degree to coaching mothers. My philosophy is to empower mothers to reconnect with their true essence, build in self-care, and learn how to draw boundaries. However, the best medicine is preventative. Which is why I have specialized in the postpartum period. I now offer services for pregnant mothers to proactively plan for rest and healing during the first 40 days.

But it’s never too late to get support. If you are currently postpartum, planning to return to work outside of the home, or are way beyond the newborn stage – I am here to help.

All of my services, designed for the busy and ambitious mother, are about finding balance and confidence in whatever stage of motherhood you are in. As a coach I am your sounding board, accountability partner, and here to empower you to get in touch with your intuition so you can live a life of fulfillment, joy, and peace – no matter what the world has to throw your way.

It is an honor to hold space for mamas in this way and it would be an honor to walk alongside your journey with you.

Training & Qualifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology, minor in Child Development – California Polytechnic University

  • Masters of Arts in Counseling – California Polytechnic University

  • Certified Postpartum Doula (in progress) – Childbirth International

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